Speak at eCommerce Expo 2017 to raise your personal profile, brand awareness and generate quality conversations at the only event that matters in ecommerce

We are looking for data-driven case studies in the following areas:

  • Practical tips on using cutting-edge technologies that make a difference
  • Case-studies on multi-channel best practices and how to win with Single Customer View
  • The experience of harnessing the power of data and translating it to actionable insights
  • Understanding the competitive edge of using personalisation to enhance customer experience
  • Knowing how to capitalise on the cross-border opportunities and avoiding pitfalls when operating in foreign markets
  • Best practices in payment and fulfilment optimisation
  • Stories of what leadership acumen means in the modern age and how to stay agile and visionary
  • Other interesting insights into the science of ecommerce

* Please note that submissions from Suppliers (product/service) may be liable to a fee if entry is successful
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Please note the deadline for submissions is 26 May 2017

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